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PBP(Picture By Picture) KVM

(Taipei, Taiwan – May 27 , 2015) TangTop Technology Co., LTD. A leading designer and OEM/ODM supplier of advanced KVM solution, today announced newest PBP KVM (KB102-DU01A).

The KB102-DU01A is the KVM with the picture-by-picture (PBP) and file-sharing function. One uses a keyboard & a mouse to control either PC1 or PC2. The ports could be switched by the button at the front panel, or by the hotkeys or even by the mouse moving across the defined screen boundary. The user could select the audio source from audio button and connect one’s head-set or speaker from the console section.

According to the style of the video outputs, it could be full-screen mode, half-screen mode 1 (each video source keeps its height but shrinks its horizontal size in half), and half-screen mode 2 (each video is re-adjust to one-fourth of the screen size). The data (clip-board / single file / folder) of PC1 could be exchanged with PC2 by easily drag-and-drop or copy-then-paste.

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