Single Port IP KVM
Single Port IP KVM
KI101P-V01 defines a new class of remote KVM access devices; it combines digital remote KVM access via IP networks with comprehensive and integrated system management.
KI101P-V01 owes a convenient, remote KVM access and control via LAN or Internet. It captures, digitizes, and compresses video and transmits it with keyboard and mouse signals to and from a remote computer. Also it provides a non-intrusive solution for remote access an d control. Remote access and control software runs on its embedded processors only but not on mission -critical servers, so that there is no interference with server operation or impact on network performance.
1. Manage serves around the world.
2. KVM access over IP, ISDN or analogous telephone line.
3. BIOS level access.
4. Virtual Storage Mapping.
5. SSL encryption.
6. No impact on server or network performance.
7. Automatically senses video resolution for best possible screen capture.
8. High-performance mouse tracking and synchronization.
9. Local Mouse suppression (only when using SUN’s Java Virtual Machine).

1. KI101P-V01*1
2. User’s manual*1
3. User Manual on CD-ROM*1
4. Power Adapter*1
5. Rack Mount Kit*1
6. Null modem cable*1