IP Console Module
IP Console Module

The IP Console Module is a cost-effective solution to enhance the management ability of KVM switches. It allows you to manage servers from anywhere via an IP without upgrading your KVM equipments. By just plugging the module into Tangtop’s KVM Switch, such as 1+1 Console KVM Switch or 4 Console Matrix Switch, you can easily upgrade your KVM switches to IP level.

1. Manage servers around the world.
2. KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) access over IP and analogous telephone line (modem needed)
3. Full control under any OS, in BIOS mode, during boot, at Blue Screens
4. No additional software necessary on servers
5. 256 bit SSL encryption of all transmitted data and Certificate management
6. Automatically senses video resolution for best possible screen capture
7. High-performance mouse tracking and synchronization
8. Automatic adjustment of data rate to transmission line 
9. Remote mass storage control
10. Can be controlled over all java-enabled Browsers
11. Firmware update via web interface
12. Port to connect a user console for direct analogous access to KVM switch
13. Can be used with most standard KVM